We are looking for new staff members.

Herculean task, Little support, Days of hardship, Constant challenge, ----No guarantee of success.

However, when you have accomplished it, you will receive honor, praise and fortune.

[Required Skill]

  •  Japanese conversation, reading and writing (N1 level)

  • Experience in corporate sales (medical sales experience is a plus)

  • Experience in new business development 

  • Basic PC skills

  • Experience in creating materials in PowerPoint (good at creating proposals, sales materials and other materials)

[Welcome Experience / Skill]

  • Languages (English, Chinese, etc.)

  • Are you good at transmitting information through SNS and other media?

  • You must be good at structuring.

  • Experience of working abroad, knowledge of foreign markets and foreign business practices

  • Experienced in negotiating with municipalities and government offices and preparing and preparing necessary documents.

[The kind of person we are looking for]

If you have any of the following, you're welcome!

  1. You must be able to produce results in your work.

  2. Those who want to make use of the skills they have developed

  3. Those who want to develop themselves through their work


[What we're not looking for]

We cannot hire people who fall into any of the following categories

  1. You are unreasonable and inflexible.

  2. Those who only think of themselves

  3. Those who are altruistic and non-active

  4. Those who do not study or make an effort

  5. You do not have a desire to improve or devise.

  6. Those who are unable to anticipate and make arrangements

  7. Those who do not smoke or intend to quit

Chiyoda City, Ōtemachi, 1-chōme−6−1 SPACES Ōtemachi Building  03-6841-4127

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